山東AG亚游集团化工集團有限公司始建於1985年,位於渤海之濱、黃河口畔、共和國生態之都——東營, 山東AG亚游集团化工集團有限公司是生成防火塗料、防腐塗料、工業塗料、建築塗料等產品的專業化塗料生 產企業。 公司擁有5條自動化塗料生產線,年生產能力可達7萬噸。“聖工牌”防火塗料是通過國家免檢的防火塗料 品牌,中國十大工業塗料品牌,中國十大生態塗料品牌;企業長期服務於大連 萬達 ,神華集團、中國石油、中國石化、中化建設、中國石化、中國核建、遠大、萬華、魏橋等企業。 

    公司於2002年通過ISO9001國際質量體係認證和ISO14001國際環境管理體係認證、ISO18001職業健康安全 管理體係認證,產品列入“政府綠色采購清單”。防火塗料產品於2003年通過公安部消防產品 合格評定中心的產品 型式認證,2015年率先通過消防3C認證。 公司高度注重產品創新和產品質量,以質量求生存,以創新求發展,公司聯合西北工業大學、濟南大學、青島科技 大學、青島海洋化工研究院等機構成立了山東省水性特種塗料工程技術研究中心,進 行防火塗料、防腐塗料、 水性工業塗料等產品的研究和應用服務。 

    公司位於兵聖孫武的故鄉,山東省東營廣饒,位於國家“十二五”規劃戰略重點山東半島藍色經濟區、黃河三角洲 高效生態經濟區,緊靠勝利油田,交通發達。客戶遍及全國,在上海、天津、雲南、 四川、新疆、陝西、湖北等 地設有分公司和辦事處。 三十年來,AG亚游集团化工秉承“綠色AG亚游集团,關注未來”的企業發展理念,堅持“艱苦奮鬥,永不滿足”的AG亚游集团精神和“創新 、高效、務實、包容”的核心企業文化。堅持走“產、學、研”結合、自主創新 的發展道路,獲得廣泛讚譽。

Corporate Profile Shandong Singal Chemical Industrial Group, a National High-tech Enterprise, which is led by green chemical industry, is mainly engaged in researching, developing, producing and marketing of building coating, fire-retardant coating, Water-borne polyurethane, polyacrylic emulsion, industrial coating, functional polymeric materials and biomedical polymer materials.

Our company covers an area of 166800 square meters, has 386 employees. Has the automatic production line that could produce emulsion resin 20000T, building coating 30000T, fire-retardant coating 30000T and Water-borne polyurethane 5000T every year. We also have provincial engineering research center that composed by PHD supervisor who studied in the United States, doctor who studied in Canada, domestic famous universities and research institutions. 

We unite the production, study and researching, promote our company with technology. “GREEN SINGAL, FOCUS ON the FUTURE” will always be our development orientation. And we are also committed to develop the High-tech industry, have trained a lot of capable, skilled people. We take the lead in being verified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 in 2002. Our 6 products fill the technology gap. Our company undertake 6 national key new product, 5 the national Torch Program, 3 Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Technology Based Firms. And we also have 4 national patent, 1 national inspection-free product, 1 China Well-Known Trademark.

Our products widely used in SHENHUA NINGXIA COAL INDUSTUY GROUP, HNEC, Dalian Wanda Group, CNHTC, Wanhua Chemical Group and so on, and also export to many countries of Europe, East Asia, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa.